What is  SaliDRAA جوج?

A German Moroccan research project

that is focusing on the consequences of climate change and human activity on the water bodies of the Drâa River Basin.
The aim is to find solutions for problems like salinization and develop strategies for sustainable water use that benefit the people in the Drâa River Basin and the environment.

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The Draa River Basin

The basin is characterized by a dry climate and intermittent rivers rivers that periodically cease to flow and is subject to many hydrological changes due to climate change and different forms of water abstraction and land use.

What is the problem?

Salinization of soils and water bodies

Climate change, the overuse of water resources and falling groundwater levels contribute to increasing salinization of soils and water bodies in the Drâa River Basin.
This negatively affects the survival of local plant and animal species, reduces agricultural production and threatens human well being.
Hence sustainable adaptation strategies are needed to preserve biological diversity and ensure water availability for human livelihoods.

What do we want to achieve?

Our Aims

Together with all stakeholders, assess the benefits that different groups of users derive from the river ecosystem.

Record the aquatic and semi aquatic biological diversity.

Understand how biodiversity contributes to goods and services humans get from ecosystems.

Understand existing water and land management practices and solutions.

Develop strategies and suggestions to adjust existing water use practices and management approaches to better balance conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Drâa River Basin.

Combine different scientific disciplines to develop a case study that can inform other arid regions.

Further, SaliDRAA جوج aims to guide young scientists towards collaborative research work involving many different disciplines and stakeholders

How do we get there?

By combining the perspectives and knowledge of natural and social scientists working in close collaboration with local actors.

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The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the Research Framework Programme for Sustainable Development (FONA) and the Socio-Ecological Research Programme.
More information can be found here.

Project duration

April 2019 – March 2024