Traineeship in Timiderte and Tissergate, Zagora

In October 2019, the members of SALIDRAA Juj team participated in the collective fieldwork workshop organized by the Master of Sociology of Social Organizations and Institutions of the Hassan II Casablanca University. This event took place in the villages of Timiderte and Tissergate, provice of Zagora, Morocco, from the 26 of October to the 2nd of November.

During this workshop the members of the SALIDRAA team had a first approach to the research study area, conducting exploratory interviews about the livelihoods and problems related to increasing salinity in water and soil that residents of these two villages have to face. The fieldwork also give opportunity to make some observations on the water infrastructure. The workshop was also an important space to discuss with the Moroccan students of the sociology master about our research topics and exchange methodological and conceptual approaches with them.