SIBECOL-AIL Conference

Following the Moroccan field trips, the SaliDraa-Team was taking part at the 2nd SIBECOL-AIL Meeting 2022, taking place from the 3rd to 8th July in the Portuguese city of Aveiro. While the main audience of the conference is conducting research in the Iberian Peninsula, the proximity of Morocco to Spain and Portugal makes the conference a good place to present the latest results of the Salidraa Project and to exchange knowledge and expertise with other researchers working on topics like intermittent rivers in arid and semi-arid regions. Elisabeth Berger and Luis Miguel Silva-Novoa Sánchez presented their results of combining remote sensing and ethnography and of identifying governance and sustainability challenges in the water policy of Morocco in the session “Blurring limits among disciplines: social sciences approaches to respond to the current ecological crisis”. In the session “Salinization of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems: the challenges at a global scale” Nils Kaczmarek, with the assistance of Imane Mahjoubi, and Khawla Lazrak presented their results of the impacts of water salinity on water quality, ecosystem health, and human-wellbeing, and of salinity effects in river biofilm communities.